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Vegetables Growing

Delicious Organic Vegetables & Melons

At Ole Brook Organics, we rotate the various mixed organic vegetables and melons that we grow every season. This year, we grew certified organic squash, tomatoes, beets, turnips, mustard, and melons.

Healthfully Tasty

Our certified organic produce is a healthy choice for those who dine with a conscious appetite. For example, our certified organic beets lower your blood pressure and are heart healthy. We specialize in organic squash blossoms, which are becoming very popular in places such as New York.

Certified Quality

Being certified guarantees the quality of our food, meaning our food is grown without preservatives, pesticides, or GMOs. We are currently the only locally certified organic farm in the state. Health-conscious people enjoy our certified organic vegetables, and many cancer patients prefer our organic produce due to the natural benefits.